Responsible Investing

As well as delivering strong returns, we are dedicated to
ensuring all our investments are sustainable and ethical.

Our business is built on the principles of integrity, accountability, consistency and transparency.

Avelios is a proud signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment. This means each one of our investments is evaluated against a range of criteria, including the use of sustainable materials in construction, management of energy consumption, services and waste, and generally minimising environmental impact. Only opportunities that meet a minimum score are put forward for consideration, so our clients can be assured that their investments are both ethical and sustainable.

Case studies

Avelios Renewable Energy

Europe aims to be the first continent to become carbon neutral by 2050. One of the most important sectors to achieve this goal is the conversion of energy generation to renewable energy sources and the electrification of transport.

By 2026, global capacity for renewable energy must grow by 60%. Meeting this target requires significant investment from the private markets.

Renewable energy is a core asset class for Avelios and we are actively originating opportunities across Western Europe, with a particular focus on Germany. We believe European renewables are particularly attractive due to their predictable and stable cash flows, underpinned by long-term, government-backed contractual agreements.

Our aim is to identify value-creating opportunities by participating in renewable developments, re-empowerments and established projects with stable income.

Green Only Development

Avelios is working in partnership with FREO Group and Green Only Development on a visionary sustainable building concept for new construction and retrofit residential and commercial real estate.

The concept is based on the principles of intelligent architecture, natural heating and cooling for buildings and smart, natural ventilation. 

green energy

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